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Can Power-sharing Arrangements Deliver Peace?

May 24, 2018

Power-sharing arrangements are often applied as a means to address conflict between two parties. But practitioners and policymakers alike agree that the foundation for such arrangements requires considerable strategy and planning, including articulating clear objectives and expectations. Under what conditions do power-sharing arrangements work? What are the key ingredients to help unity governments succeed? Do power-sharing arrangements build political trust by delivering to citizens?

Jeff Helsing
Associate Vice President, U.S. Institute of Peace

Rosarie Tucci
Director, Inclusive Societies, U.S. Institute of Peace

Susan Stigant
Director, Africa Programs, U.S. Institute of Peace

Caroline Hartzell
Professor, Political Science Department, Gettysburg College

Matthew Hoddie
Associate Professor, Towson University

Clark Letterman
Survey Research Specialist, Research Triangle Institute International

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